Boyband: US5

The last guys out in the boyband theme that I’ve been running are from US5. Also enjoy the article about the members’ body image on the last photo 😉

Boyband US5 2

Boyband US5

Best of Pinterest: Celebrities

I’m “pinning” loads more hot photos on my board Sexy on the social media site Pinterest. Here are some of the best ones! Channing Tantum, Tom Daley and Nathan Sykes from The Wanted.

Pinterest Channing Tantum

Pinterest Classy 1 Tom Daley

Pinterest Classy 2 Nathan Stykes

Boyband: De Vet Du

Swedish boyband De Vet Du became famous through YouTube. The guy on the left is super hot! The second picture is from their music video to a song that is actually called “Boyband” and makes fun of the boyband stereotypes. The third picture is their single cover art for the same song.

De vet du

De vet du Boy Band 2

De vet du Boy Band

Random Shirtless Boys (March 13th, 2013)

Guy Boy 10

Guy Boy 8

Guy Boy 9

The Wanted member Max George goes nude

Boyband The Wanted Max George 2

Boyband The Wanted Max George 3

Boyband The Wanted Max George

Tattoos and homosexuality

I recently took my fifth tattoo. I love them all and even though I have no sleeves or major inked images on me, only five small ones, they are starting to be a big part of the visual me. People see them and judge.

I have nothing against that and most people enjoy them. But there is one thing that has worried me: do people associate my tattoos with my sexual preference? Do they think of it as gay?

Tattoos as such are not generally or stereotypically a gay thing. But at the same time some may be perceived as gay. And one stereotypical view is that gay people are more open, more free-spirited. Or is it just me who think that people think that?

Anyway, in many ways, tattoos share that same stereotype. Perhaps there’s some truth to it that tattooed people are more expressive. I don’t know. The point is that I worry that people think that I get tattoos because I’m bisexual.

This bothers me. Would I not get them anyway? Is it not my personality rather than my sexuality that makes me want to have tattoos? Or is my sexual preference a part of my personality and the two go hand in hand? I would like to think not, because I don’t want people to think that I get them because I’m bisexual, but at the same time I do think that the two share a big part of my personality. Does that make any sense?

Do you have tattoos, and why? Do you think people reflect over your sexual preference when they see your tattoos?






Boyband: The Wanted

Boyband The Wanted