Tattoos and homosexuality

I recently took my fifth tattoo. I love them all and even though I have no sleeves or major inked images on me, only five small ones, they are starting to be a big part of the visual me. People see them and judge.

I have nothing against that and most people enjoy them. But there is one thing that has worried me: do people associate my tattoos with my sexual preference? Do they think of it as gay?

Tattoos as such are not generally or stereotypically a gay thing. But at the same time some may be perceived as gay. And one stereotypical view is that gay people are more open, more free-spirited. Or is it just me who think that people think that?

Anyway, in many ways, tattoos share that same stereotype. Perhaps there’s some truth to it that tattooed people are more expressive. I don’t know. The point is that I worry that people think that I get tattoos because I’m bisexual.

This bothers me. Would I not get them anyway? Is it not my personality rather than my sexuality that makes me want to have tattoos? Or is my sexual preference a part of my personality and the two go hand in hand? I would like to think not, because I don’t want people to think that I get them because I’m bisexual, but at the same time I do think that the two share a big part of my personality. Does that make any sense?

Do you have tattoos, and why? Do you think people reflect over your sexual preference when they see your tattoos?






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