On June 17, 2012, I came out. It wasn’t a well thought-through decision, but came very natural once I came to terms with who and what I am. And getting there took me a very long time. I’d always known, but never admitted it to myself. What made me realize was something as simple as the smile of a stranger who walked passed a bus I was on. It was beautiful, and though I only saw him for a split second as we drove by, in that very second I realized the facts and put all the clues of my past together. I immediately accepted.

On this blog, I give you three things:

  1. My personal experiences on coming out and being introduced to this new world.
  2. My personal thoughts on politics and relevant debates – I’m very opinionated and love a good discussion.
  3. Photos of beautiful men – because I know that’s why most of you would come here in the first place 😉

The third is the main one, what keeps the blog going and freshly updated, while the two first will appear as inspiration to write something meaningful comes to me.

I feel compelled to say that this is not a porn site. Sure, there will be half-naked men and an appreciation of the male body. But never ever will I post any porn. And I don’t own the right to any of the photos posted – if there’s something wrong, e-mail me and I’ll delete the concerned photos immediately.

I hope that you’ll find joy in the site and that I can not only satisfy your want for visuals, but that I can inspire and make a difference with what I say and how I say it. I don’t expect to change the world, but I do hope that somewhere, at some time, someone out there will say “hey, I can relate to that” and feel just a tad bit better about themselves.

It’s a small world. Welcome to mine.

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