The Gay List

Hey, I'm fabulous

Sometimes, we’re all a little gay. Here’s a list of signs that you might be. How many can you cross off? If you’re a girl, some of these things probably come natural to you anyway. That doesn’t mean you’re leaning the other way. Sorry, girlfriend!

  1. I go to the hair dresser waaay too often!
  2. I watch Glee. Suck it!
  3. Chuck Norris is gay. That’s my opinion.
  4. I google shirtless guys
  5. Girls: I kissed a girl and I liked it.
  6. Guys: I kissed a girl and I puked.
  7. Katy Perry: I kissed this, I kissed that… heck, we’re all beautiful people!
  8. I wear glasses without needing them – because a nerdy look is hot!
  9. The last musical I watched was yesterday.
  10. Damn, that dress is just fab!
  11. I cry. A lot. Deal with it.
  12. My last boyfriend was totally gay – and I mean that in a good way!
  13. Guys: Sometimes, my hand pops out in a feminine way.
  14. Girls: Sometimes, people think I’m a dude. Then I’m like, what’s up brother.
  15. I’m top, bottom or versatile, whichever you prefer.
  16. I have HIV. Oops!
  17. When Ellen Degeneres came out, I cried a little.
  18. When my neighbors best friends moms dog died, I cried a lot.
  19. When I was at the pride festival I was the center of attention. In my own mind.
  20. My parents bet against each other whether I was gay or not.
  21. My parents bet against each other how long it would take before I came out.
  22. When I told my parents that I was gay, they were shocked. A year later when I entered kindergarten, they were 100% behind me.
  23. I use Grindr to… meet nice guys to chat with.
  24. Girls: My ex boyfriend broke up with me because he found me in bed with his sister.
  25. Guys: My ex boyfriend broke up with me, period.

Tell us your “score” in a comment below. Also, feel free to come up with new suggestions to add to the list 😀

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