Gay Test: mbaldelli

mbaldelli was the first to take the Gay Test, and thus he gets to start off the new year! In his test answers, he claims that he “always have been, always will be” gay. Let’s see just how well he lives up to that 😉

  • Name: mbaldelli
  • Gender: Male

Comments on the name: I googled “mbaldelli” to see if there might be any meaning to the name. There’s an american man by that name on Deviantart. Since our Mr. mbaldelli might want to be anonymous I won’t reveal any other names or post any photos I’ve found, but based on mbaldelli’s favorite photos on Deviantart, he’s more of a geek than gay. His “other interests” in the Deviant profile contains “life”, though, which is kind of gay.

The same mbaldelli is also on Flickr. I know that it’s the same guy because I’ve been comparing his profile photos. On it, the age does seem to match the year given in the next question below, so this might be our guy! I know, I’m a stalker 😀

Gay points: 1/5. Sorry, I just don’t see it.

Question: Have you ever felt attracted to someone of the same sex? When and how, and did you act on it?

Answer: Since I was 7. I came out of the closet to myself and admitted it to another man (who happened to have been my on-again/off-again boyfriend at the time), September 13, 1979.  To my family a month after that, and to the world sometime after that and since.

Comment: Now that’s gay! Age 7? And you even had a boyfriend back then? I wish I knew it at that age.

Gay points: 5/5!

When was the last time you cried, and honestly, was it really a cryable situation? Tell us about it.

Answer: Recently…  Was watching “Is it Just Me?” and the ending struck me.

Comment: The movie is described like this on IMDB: “A socially shunned columnist finds his romantic match online, but messaging under the wrong account causes his sleazy roommate’s picture to be forwarded, creating an identity mix-up.” Sounds like a crappy but totally fun movie, which I like. And you cried at the end because the ending struck you? Oh, I feel you on that one!

Also, it just so happens to be a gay themed movie. The points are rolling in!

Gay points: 5/5!

What’s your opinion about fashion, musicals and Glee?

Answer: Fashion is a necessity to making a statement. Musicals and Glee… I lack the gay gene for that appreciation. I’m more a geek and a nerd…

Comment: You lack that gene? That’s OK, but it costs you a point or two. Sorry, I don’t make the rules. Or wait, I do! Props though for the comment about fashion and making a statement.

Gay points: 2/5.

Question: What’s your opinion of the gym, American footballers and Grindr?

Answer: In order: 1. Not a requirement if you’re physically active… 2. Big girls for 12 in spite of the testosterone poisoning. 3.  Grinders are sub sandwiches in New England, and the name of the site is confusing to native New Englanders.

Comment: I’m sorry, what? A sub sandwich? Forgive me for a sec while I go laugh out loud. I want one of those! I’m disappointed though that you find the name confusing rather than turning it into some filthy joke. And do I understand it correctly that you’re not a great Grindr fan then? A point though for knowing what it is.

Your comment about the gym was rather neutral (though I totally agree – stay active, stay fit, screw the gym!), but I have to admit that I totally, absolutely do not understand what “big girls for 12” means. Is that gay or not? Is my English that bad or am I just plain stupid? I have no clue. For my cluelesness, I’ll be kind and add an extra point for you. I’m sure that comment was utterly gay.

Gay points: 2/5.

Question: What’s your favorite movie or TV show?

Answer: My interest in television waxes and wanes.  At the moment, I look forward to watching Arrow (more for the visual beauty, but secondary to the story to see if CW is going to destroy the DC Comic).

Movies? Plenty of them: usually indies thought.

Comment: Hey, we all skip the TV every no and then these days. Heck, I don’t even own one! Is it gay or not though? Not sure… My friend doesn’t have a TV either, and I don’t think he’s gay. I’ve made some moves, but there hasn’t really been any response…

Indie movies, and watching a show to see if they mess up the original – now that’s a true nerd, and I love nerds! But we don’t give points just because you probably were bullied in school.

The lead character is hot though, and a plus for the fact that you mainly watch it for the visuals. Though I do get that we’re not talking about the same visuals here 😉

Gay points: 2/5.

Question: Who’s your favorite and why: Ellen Degeneres, Arnold Schwarzenegger or Brad Pitt? Or none of them? Or all three? Or what the heck?

Answer: None of them. I appreciate Ellen Degeneres when she’s not coming off whingy… Arnold… Heh, no… Brad Pitt… I used to like some of his work, but most of it seems… off-putting.

Ask me about Matthew Montgomery, Steve Sandvoss or Mira Furlen, instead.

Comment: OK, where to start on this one? You got me off the chair here with Mira Furlen. I’m not sure if you just misspelled Mira Furlan, whom I know mainly from Lost, or if you refer to a Mira Furlen who seem to frequent on something called Mad Sex Tube. The word “porn” appears more times next to her name in a Google search than the number of people who thought Lost was the coolest TV-series ever and still failed to watch all seasons. Furlan is neutral I guess. Furlen doesn’t score you any gay points what so ever, trust me. Unless it’s gay porn we’re talking about… but I ain’t gonna click it to find out!

None of the three names originally suggested? Actually, I think that’s totally fine. No plus there, but definately no minus either.

Matthew Montgomery: now that’s a truckload of point right there! I have no further comments about your excellent choice of actors to like.

Gay points: 4/5.

Matthew Montgomery

Matthew Montgomery in “Gone, but not forgotten”.

Question: And last but not least, do you consider yourself gay? (Or lesbian, bisexual, homophobic or just generally indecisive?)

Answer: Gay…  Always have been. Always will be.

Comment: Yup, we all kind of figured. Good for you!

Gay points: 5/5!

END RESULT: 26/40 points.

You’re definately gay. But you’re also a geek and a nerd, just as you already admitted. I guess the remaning 14 points are your geek points then 😀

Want to take the test and get scored? Click here!

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