I might be against gay marriage

When Obama won the American election yesterday – yay for that! – I started researching how Mr. Obama and Mitt Romney differ on gay issues. I’ve just taken for granted that Obama is the open one while Romney is against, say, gay marriage. That seem accurate.

However, it also got me thinking, and I’ve been considering this for a few years now: is gay marriage really what I want to support? I’m all for gay couples having the exact same rights as straight ones, but I have an issue with the term “marriage”. It’s a religious term, and what gives gay people the right to take that term and change it into something it’s not? What gives me the right to tell christians around the globe what marriage is or isn’t? In a way, it’s just as bad as them telling me that I shouldn’t be gay!

In other words, here’s what I feel: let religious people get married, but let everyone else (gay or straight, but who is not religious) have some kind of other ceremony and paper to sign. For me, it’s not a gay issue. It’s a religious issue, and perhaps religion and the state should be more separated from one another.

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One response to “I might be against gay marriage

  • Martin

    Well… you can also argue why only Christians should have rights to the word “marriage” 🙂 It is just a word like every other. The most important are human rights, we all are equal 🙂

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