To sleep around or stay true to your partner?

I recently read an old issue of Attitude, in which they brought up a subject I never before really thought about: has it become modern to have free (open) relationships in which it’s OK to sleep with other guys than your boyfriend, and if so, is it a gay thing?

My immediate respons would be that oh my god, of course doing that is completely wrong! Then I read this excerpt from the editor’s letter:

Many guys think it’s completely outrageous and unloving ever to sleep with anyone else when you’re in a relationship, while some swear it’s what keeps their relationship alive. I’m an old romantic at heart. I like the idea of catching, sorry, meeting one person and it being the two of us until we get old and gay and grey. Is that old fashioned? I’m not sure. Lots of guys told us it works for them but I also know lots of couples where it’s destroyed their relationship.

Perhaps I’m like what the editor says he might be: old fashioned? Perhaps it’s very 2012 to be allow yourself such luxuries in order to be happy. If openly sleeping with other guys is helping some couples to have a long, successful relationship, who am I to tell them that’s wrong?

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