This Iphone and Android app might be one of the best things that have happened to many people. I was introduced to it by a gay friend of mine a couple of months ago, and without revealing too much, it helped me explore the gay world.

Basically, Grindr is a chat app for gay men. It’s a social network using your position to help you find guys in your area. A profile with picture, a position-based list system and a chat function. That’s all you need. It even tells you how far away the people you chat with are.

Gay character Alex on the awesome Brittish TV series Skins (season 6) uses it (or something just like it, on the show called “Cruisr”) to satisfy his immediate sex lust. In reality, you can specify what you’re looking for: friendship, a date, a relationship or something else. What you use it for is up to you, but I can imagine the adventures it has resulted in.

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