Ellen Degeneres coming out

When Americas beloved gay comedian and talk-show host Ellen Degeneres came out it was a big deal. I have two videos that you just simply must watch. The first is of the episode in her hit TV show in which Ellens own character, sharing her name, comes out. It’s hilarious and brilliant, and also stars talk-show host and later-to-be competitor Oprah Winfrey. How exiting things would be if everyone could come out on their own comedy show.

The second is the first part of Ellens stand-up comedy show The Beginning, recorded a few years after Ellen came out. In it, she does the most brilliant description of what it can be like to come out – using interpretive dance!

Ellen, we simply love you!

And finally, a shot of Ellen and her lovely wife Portia on their wedding day. Just before they got married, a law was passed in their home state allowing gay couple to wed. Ellen later said on her show that if the law hadn’t passed, they would have had some kind of ceremony anyway.

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