The American Election

The US election is commonly featured in media even here in Europe. Partly, that’s odd – a lot of people could care less. Partly, it’s obvious – a lot of people really do care. Personally, I find it entertaining and enlightening. I enjoy following it.

What I don’t like and what most Europeans probably find very strange (and even disturbing) are two of the main issues debated in this election: abortion and homosexual marriages. At least here in Sweden it’s a common belief that in America, people hold their freedom very dear and consider their country great because they have it. What freedom? I dare to say that many European countries have more freedom than the US – the same freedom of speech, the same public rights, but on top of that also a very open view on abortion and – most important in this case – a more open view on gay marriage. More freedom, and more equality.

Especially the latter of the two issues might not be true in most European countries. I have to admit, I’m not fully up to date on it. But it is in the north. And I’m crossing my fingers that it will be in for example the UK, who are getting there, very soon.

I neither can nor want to vote in the american election. But if I did, my vote would be on the democrats. A vote on anyone else would be a vote for a country run by religion rather the actual interests of the people. It would be a vote against freedom and equality.

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2 responses to “The American Election

  • jamesroom964x

    It’s funny, I just moved to Europe from the States, and literally every person I’ve met for more than two seconds asks me about the election. They’re frequently baffled by some of the debates we have. I had someone say to me that it’s like looking back to the 1970s in their politics, where most of these issues have already been decided. They seem really interested that something like the Republican party can even exist as a major political party, which I found interesting.

    • Jozii

      I like the confirmation that I’m not just imagining this being the case, but that is the general view of most people I know, too. America is a great country with great people, but when it comes to these things, it is a bit like the 70’s, yes.

      The Republican party wouldn’t exist in my country. Sure, there’s always some minority being against it, but regarding these two issues all major parties are on the same page.

      In the US, I imagine it to be a serious statement to support gay marriage. In Sweden, some of our top politicians held the opening speech at our Pride parade earlier this year and no one but the gays themselves hardly took notice about it. No one cares, it’s a free world as long as you don’t harm anyone else with your actions 🙂

      I’m sure that in 10-20 years time, the US will be there too.

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