Attitude Magazine

It’s only been just over a week since I bought an Ipad. The “newsstand” app category instantly got my attention since reading is much easier on the big screen than on for example an Iphone. And my best discovery and currently top obsession on my new toy: Attitude Magazine, who claim to be Europe’s number one selling gay magazine.

Based on their website, I would have guessed that they’re not. But based on their Ipad app, I’d say hell yeah! The magazine has given me, as someone who is “new to the game”, a great and sophisticated view on gay culture. The magazine is well written, has some great in-depth interviews (don’t miss the one with straight Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe and his views on homosexuality) a style guide and great images. They preach safe sex, talk HIV and get into political debates. First they taught me that this world isn’t so scary, then they showed me how to practice gay sex, something that is quite scary at first.

I understand that everyone is different and that not everyone might like this magazine as much as I (and apparently a heck of a lot of other people) do, but I honestly believe that any gay man should at least give it a try. Most likely, I’ll refer to it and comment on stuff in it quite a bit in this blog in the future.

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